Peace Our day in pictures. We saw an owl today, learned about peace, rode horses bareback, took a nature walk, caught a frog, found newly hatched eggs, held a butterfly, ate snack, played hard and got dirty. All in all, a good...


Joy A good start to our week!! This week’s lesson is on Joy!! Our monday groups joyfully cleaned water troughs, gave Molly a bath, created a beautiful horseshoe craft, taught Rosie how to jump over a barrel and played with waterballoons. The kids reported they had lots of fun. We can’t wait to repeat this lesson for our next two groups on Friday!! There was a tiny baby foster kitten visiting from the Fort Collins Cat Rescue. We called her Joy. Our craft...

What the horse said to them.

What the horse said to them. Just a few snapshots from some of our sessions this week. Rosie is featured in all these pictures. She is a rescue we bought at auction to keep her from going to a kill buyer. We did not know we were purchasing a gem, but God knew. He chose her. He picked out a fat, short, plain mare to embody this point: every life matters. He chose to glorify himself by using that which someone threw away to speak value to the heart of a thrown away child. Every life has value, and each child that sets foot on the ranch has value and is worthy of love. ¬†You can read it in their expressions. Rosie is affecting them, she is reflecting back upon them who they are. Somehow, when a horse tells you she trusts you, you believe her that you are trustworthy. She tells them they are kind, they are patient, they are worth the effort, and they believe her. I could spend days speaking and not accomplish what it takes Rosie minutes to say: you are worthy of love. Their sweet smiles say it all, they believe her. The life changes that happen on the ranch are most often not because of something an adult says to a child, the change happens because of what the horse said to them. .          ...

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