Love We love what we do. This is Cleo, one of our beautiful Warmblood mares, teaching one of our new little kiddos yesterday how to be a good leader. The lesson this week is on Love, our final set of summer sessions has begun. Our Monday kids made beautiful loving butterflys, ate snack, and worked with our loving horses. Our morning class was so full on I didn’t take any pictures. These are...

Helping kids find freedom

Helping kids find freedom My heart breaks a little with each goodbye. Today was our last session with two of our groups. They crawled right into my heart and it was so hard to say bye. Today we talked about kindness. Our craft was to paint our handprint on a container of flowers and write a kind note to someone and give them our flowers. The kids wrote such sweet things. We practiced kindness by petting Ella and Mort and...

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