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Trigger (aka “Triggs”)- 7 yo Buckskin QH mare. PMU from Manitoba.  Arrived at rescue Oct 31, 2009.  Triggs is a sweet gentle girl. She is one of our more sensitive mares and partners well more sensitive humans. While not under saddle yet, Trigger’s future is bright and we see an awesome trail horse in the making.






Angel- 7 yo Black Percheron cross mare.  PMU from Manitoba.  Arrived Oct 31, 2009. Angel has a noble heart and is learning to trust humans despite her first year of life in neglect and abuse. We have big plans for Angel as she shares a story that many of us can relate to. Angel has developed a special bond with Rain, the youngest member of our herd, she has become Rain’s serrogate mother. 





Ruby- 7 yo Bay QH filly.  PMU from Manitoba.  Arrived Oct 31, 2009.  Ruby is on loan to SIRE Therapeutic Riding Center in Spring, Texas.








Memo Queen (The Queen or Memo)- 14yo Grey OTTB mare.  Rescued from Camelot Auction kill pen in NJ and adopted through The Second Race.  Arrived March 2010 with Molly.  Maryland bred, raced until age 4 and had 4 babies.  Pretty spicy, she still thinks its time to race every time she is saddled.  Has two half-sibs who have won the Kentucky Derby-Super Saver (2010) and Monarchos (2001). 





Molly - 10yo Sorrel QH mare.  Rescued from Camelot Auction kill pen in NJ.  Arrived March 2010 with Memo Queen. We don’t know Molly’s story prior to the ; killpen, but she has come to us very willing and obedient; she was obviously started well. Molly shines brightest with the kids, she stands calm and still as kids excitedly brush her and braid her mane. She is solid and dependable, and we think she is priceless.






 Titanium Ruler (TR)- 9yo Red Chestnut OTTB gelding.  Arrived March 2010.  Adopted from trainer through The Second Race, came from Hollywood Park Racetrack.  Never raced.  Of Bold Ruler descent.  Race broke.  Right front foot is slightly clubbed. Xrays show slight remodeling to the coffin bone.  Left front is flat heeled.  In spite of it all, he is sound.  Super outgoing and friendly.  He is pretty much a big, mischievous boy. 







Memo Mon (The Mon or Monny)- 9 yo Grey OTTB gelding.  Arrived July 2010 with DBD.  Purchased from trainer.  Came from Charlestown Racetrack in WV.  Retired because he didn’t want to race anymore.  He is Memo Queen’s first colt. He suffered a case of Laminitis a few years back. He is a very sweet boy, kind, but a little sassy when he is feeling really good. 





Dry Branch Dame (DBD)- 9yo Chestnut OTTB mare.  Arrived July 2010 with Mon.  Texas bred, raced at Charlestown with Memo Mon.  Was given to us by The Mon’s trainer to rehab after she cracked her shin in her last start in June of 2010.  Hasn’t ever taken a lame step. She is a tough girl. Very sweet, kind mare. She has calmed a lot.  She goes well walk/trot/canter and is very trainable. 






2014-03-13_1-57-46Mostacolli Mort (Mort)- 12 yo Bay OTTB gelding.  Arrived fall of 2010.  Was adopted through The Second Race. Raced at Del Mar among others at Grade 2.  Won over 240k on the track, was retired due to cartilage deterioration in his fetlock.  Mort is a doll. Mort has come full circle with us to become one of our most dependable horses in the kids programs, but watch out he’s a cookie monster and would follow you all over Colorado to receive a cookie. This horse is very intelligent, loves people, he is a huge love bug.  Everyone loves Mort. 






2014-03-13_1-57-59Ella- 17yo Black Bay Oldenburg/Danish WB mare.  Arrived fall 2010.  Came from SC.  Was donated to rescue for youth program to avoid auction when current owner couldn’t care for her and breeder wouldn’t take her back. She has had a foal and has flunked out of dressage training.  She is sound and an absolute sweetheart. Under saddle, Ella always would like to go just a little bit faster, so for an experienced comfortable rider she is a pleasure to ride!





Gaspode (Podie)- 6yo Chestnut TB gelding.  Arrived early spring 2011.  Adopted through The Second Race and shipped to us from CA by owners of a well known farm to avoid euthanasia.  We were told he is a wobbler, which means he cannot race or be ridden. That doesn’t change our value we put on him, and he has not let us down. Gaspode is a goofball. He loves attention and has a goofy way of letting us know what he wants (mostly cookies). We are so grateful for this gentle giant!






Rajah- 23yo Black/Brown OTTB gelding.  Rajah came to us from a friend who needed to retire him when she moved on to a younger horse. Rajah is a former show hunter and knows his job very well.  He has been a lesson pony too.  He gets a little stiff in his hocks and shouldn’t jump anymore but does well with regular exercise. He is a gem, and is an often requested favorite of kids of all ages. From the 6 year old he is teaching to sit the trot to the 17 year old he is teaching how to trust, Rajah is an amazing gift to all the kids.






Missy-28yo Bay Saddlebred mare.  Arrived September 2011.  Saved locally from starvation.  Missy is a former show horse who was owned by an older man who had other show horses as well. He was dying of a terminal illness and nobody wanted Missy.  A young man who knows nothing about horses stepped up to take her and it turned out to be more than he could manage. He was very happy when we agreed to take her. Missy has been adopted out to her forever home.






Babe -23yo Bay OTTB mare. Babe raced until she was 10yo then became a trail horse for an elderly gal. She was donated to us to continue her fun on the trails and interaction with others. Babe is quite a lady, she prefers alfalfa to grass, likes her morning grain ration warm, and is quite the sweetheart! We love her sassy diva ways, and the kids love her beautiful face.








Cleo- 18yo Bay Warmblood/draft cross mare. Cleo is a quiet, reserved mare. She is sweet and kind. One of our largest horses, she is also one of the gentlest. She has much to teach, and we are glad to have her with us.









Roper- 25+yo Paint gelding. Old Roper is a volunteer favorite. Don’t let his age fool you, he is still a spicy guy with tricks up his sleeve. He is so sweet though when shown any attention, especially grooming. With a little work we expect this guy will integrate well into the groundwork portion of our programs. He has earned the easy life we are giving him, and he is retired as an all out saddle horse. 






Rosie-9yo Quarterhorse/Morgan(?) mare. foaled approx 2003. She was rescued in 2013 but had an extended foster stay and came to the ranch spring 2015. We are so glad she made it to us. She quickly proved herself to be kid friendly, dead broke, and unflappable. We climbed over her, under her, and put her through a lot of testing before we turned her loose with the kids. She is a gem, and the sound of little voices calling out ” Rosie, Rosie!!” will be heard for many years to come.






Juliet-7yo QH mare, foaled approx 2008. Rescued off a feedlot in October 2014. She is as sweet as can be. We think some pretty nice bloodlines and wow is she athletic, she has some natural talent and we look forward to watching her blossom with trust building and training.








Sterling-3yo Roan QH gelding. Rescued off the feedlot in October 2014. Sterling is a great guy. Although he has been started lightly, we have chosen to give him time to grow before finishing him under saddle. He is currently being used for groundwork and is a favorite of the kids.








Padah-12 yo Konik Pony, mare. Rescued off the feedlot in October 2014. A tiny powerhouse, she featured heavily in our youth programs in 2015. She was destined for slaughter, but she was redeemed. Her life is very, very precious. The word “padah” is a Hebrew word, meaning to redeem or to ransom, פָּדָה. Indeed she was redeemed, and just like the kids we serve, we find her worth the cost.






Rain- 1 yr Quarterhorse (possibly Thoroughbred..) filly. Rescued off the lot in October 2014. Rain is enjoying her youth. As a yearling filly we do not ask too much from her physically. Like all babies she needs room to run and blossom. She is doing well in halter and we will take our time and let her do a lot of growing as her training progresses. It will be several years before we put her under saddle, but good things come to those who wait!!







randy 4

Randy-25yo, paint, gelding. Randy came to us in October 2015, he is the newest addition to our herd. Randy has only 4 teeth! He came to us because he requires a special beet pulp/alfalfa mix that he can slurp down. Randy loves his food, he is quite the spry old man when it comes to meal time. Aside from his appetite and curious manners, Randy is a gentleman with the kids. He LOVES to be groomed, in fact, every time he falls asleep! Although Randy is in semi retirement, we are so grateful for the kindness and old-time vigor he brings to the ranch.



Profiles still to come: McCool, Abigail Joy, Chevy

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