Patience It was a good day. Our Equine Adventure was about patience!! The kids did a craft and had snack and got some riding time. We are so thankful for each moment we have together on the...

VBS-Ultimate love!

VBS-Ultimate love! Friday was the final day of our ranch VBS. We learned about God’s Ultimate love. We had 17 kids attend on Friday, we are so thankful to have the opportunity to share God’s love with them!! Ha ha good times!! Out here, 3 hours goes by so fast. We kind of think that sunshine, dirt, horses, barns, running, climbing, exploring, bugs, making crafts, eating food, drinking water, green grass, tall trees, bible stories, friendships, and kind leaders make for a great summer camp. We are simple people with a simple calling: be a sanctuary for kids and horses. Thank you for your...

VBS-Ultimate Rescue, Ultimate Trust!

VBS-Ultimate Rescue, Ultimate Trust! Yesterday was Ultimate Rescue!! It was such a busy day I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures!! Today was Ultimate Trust. We learned how Moses led the Israelites in the desert and they had to trust God to provide for them. We ate some “manna” for our snack and enjoyed a lesson on how to lasso. Kids had a great time and ended the day soaking wet and...

VBS-Ultimate Power!

VBS-Ultimate Power! VBS day two, God’s Ultimate Power!! The kids had a blast again, we played cowpoke tag, had a yummy snack, learned about Moses and how God showed his power to the Israelites, and made a snake craft. At the end we got to brush Padah the pony and TR gave hugs over the fence. The kiddos go home tired, loved, and happy, just the way we like...

VBS- Ultimate Plan!

VBS- Ultimate Plan! Our VBS kiddos are jumping for Joy! Today was our first day of our first ever VBS hosted on the ranch. Today we learned about God’s Ultimate Plan for us, the kids and leaders had a blast, we can not wait to come back and learn more tomorrow! Thank you for supporting what we do with kids and horses...

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