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Broken Horses Healing

Broken Children

As horse and child mirror one another in brokenness, healing begins

Charis Youth Ranch at a Glance

Home of New Life Thoroughbreds Rescue, Rehab, Sanctuary

At Charis Youth Ranch, the programs we offer are designed to connect
kids and young adults from all walks of life with our horses.  While
such connections may seem simple, they open the door to dynamic
personal growth and change.  A horse has a way of breaking down
barriers and bringing out confidence, trust and self-awareness among
other strengths and abilities. Horses convey acceptance and honesty.
To build relationship, they require positive communication and
respect. These traits are so needed, especially in the life of a youth
who struggles with anxiety, depression or trauma. Horses open a
pathway to healing that sometimes traditional therapy and counseling

Each of our horses is unique and has a story, just like the kids we
serve. An important part of connecting with the horses is knowing
their stories of rescue and redemption. We believe that telling their
stories can often be like holding up a mirror to a broken or hurting
youth. Knowing that we consider a broken, unwanted horse worth saving
is a powerful statement to a youth struggling with self-worth.