Meet Our Horses

Meet:  Abigail Joy

Nickname:  Abigail

DOB:  Grey AQHA mare, foaled 2002

Origin Story:  Abigail was a broodmare and gave her owner many babies for many years before being deemed no longer useful to him.  She was dumped at auction.  We saw her and began fundraising.  With the help of our supporters, Abigail came home.  She is a joy to have in our kids' programs.

Meet:  Angel 

Nickname:  Angel Cakes

DOB:  Black Percheron cross mare, foaled 2008

Origin Story:  Arrived 10/31/09 from a PMU farm in Manitoba.  Angel has a noble heart and is learning to trust humans despite her first year of life in neglect and abuse.  We have big plans for Angel as she shares a story that many of us can relate to.

Meet:  Bus

DOB:  QH/Thoroughbred, foaled 2000

Origin Store: Bus was advertised on Craigslist when his owners sold their property and took his 5 pasture mates with them.  They left Bus behind with the new owners of the property who are not horse people.  We learned he was going to auction so we rescued him immediately.  He was very thin and depressed.  After a few short weeks, his depression lifted, he regained his appetite and is gaining weight.  Bus is a volunteer favorite due to his affable personality.  He will be an excellent addition to our kids' programs.

Meet:  Cisco

Nickname:  Cisco

DOB:  Chestnut OTTB gelding, foaled 1994

Origin Story:  Cisco came to us from a dear friend with a schooling stable. Cisco was a show horse and taught many kids how to ride. As retirement crept up on him though, his owner asked if we could give him the rest and relaxation he desired and we happily obliged. As long as Cisco is up for it we will pull him out every now and then to teach special kiddos but for the most part he enjoys retirement with his fellow seniors.

Meet:  Cleo

Nickname: Cleo

DOB:  Bay WB/Draft Cross mare, foaled 1996

Origin Story:  Cleo is a quiet, reserved mare. She is sweet and kind. One of our largest horses, she is also one of the gentlest. She came to us with dressage training under her belt. She became a kids' horse for another organization before we received her. She has much to teach, and we are glad to have her with us. 

Meet:  Cooper

Nickname:  Cooper

DOB:  Sorrel Chestnut QH gelding, foaled 1998

Origin Story:  Cooper was the subject of an animal cruelty case and came to us emaciated and abused.  Upon discovering his lack of teeth due to age, we immediately created a meal plan that he could digest and would help him return to health.  Cooper is now part of our retired senior herd and is a spry, happy, healthy fellow.  He is slow to trust, but we don't mind.  All we want for him is to enjoy retirement and take lots of senior naps.

Meet:  Ella

Nickname:  Ella

DOB:  Bay Oldenburg/Danish WB mare, foaled 1997

Origin Story:  Ella was donated to our rescue for our youth programs to avoid auction when current owner couldn’t care for her and breeder wouldn’t take her back. She has had a foal and has flunked out of dressage training. Despite her unfortunate background she came to us in 2010 ready for a fresh start and a new purpose. She is sound and an absolute sweetheart! Under saddle, Ella always would like to go just a little bit faster, so for an experienced comfortable rider she is a pleasure to ride! 

Meet:  Mummur

Nickname:  McCool

DOB:  Chestnut OTTB gelding, foaled 2002

Origin Story:   With Secretariat for a grandfather, McCool has quite the pedigree. Like many racehorses he suffered an injury and was retired. We received McCool through a GoFundMe looking for a forever home that provided him the TLC he deserves while still having so much to give. McCool arrived to us in December of 2016 and he has touched so many kids' lives! He’s gentle, kind, and an all around solid horse.

Meet:  Molly

Nickname:  Molly

DOB:  Sorrel QH mare, foaled 2004

Origin Story:  We rescued Molly from Camelot Auction kill pen in NJ with Queen, one of our Fort Collins ranch horses. We don’t know Molly’s story prior to the kill pen, but she has come to us very willing and obedient; she was obviously started well. Molly shines brightest with the kids, she stands calm and still as kids excitedly brush her and braid her mane. She is solid and dependable, and we think she is priceless. 

Meet:  Memo Mon

Nickname: Monny, the Mon

DOB:  Grey OTTB gelding, foaled 2005

Origin Story:  Monny is Memo Queens first colt! Tracy, our founder, had her eye on rescuing the Mon and worked directly with his trainer in West Virginia to adopt him in July 2010. The Mon retired from the track because he didn’t want to race anymore. He is a very sweet boy, kind, but a little sassy when he is feeling really good.

Meet:  Mostacolli Mort

Nickname: Mort, Morty

DOB:  Bay OTTB gelding, foaled 2004

Origin Story:  Mort raced at Del Mar among others at Grade 2 and won over $240K on the track. He was retired due to cartilage deterioration in his fetlock and we adopted him through The Second Race in Fall of 2010. Mort is a doll. Mort has come full circle with us to become one of our dependable horses for the kids' programs. Watch out though, he’s a cookie monster and would follow you all over Colorado to receive a cookie. This horse is very intelligent, loves people, and is a huge love bug.  Everyone loves Mort. 

Meet:  Padah

Nickname:  Padah

DOB:  Konik Pony mare, foaled 2002

Origin Story:  We rescued Padah off the feedlot in October 2014. A tiny powerhouse, she features heavily in our youth programs. She was destined for slaughter, but she was redeemed. Her life is very, very precious. The word “padah” is a Hebrew word, meaning to redeem or to ransom. Indeed she was redeemed, and just like the kids we serve, we find her worth the cost. 

Meet:  Memo Queen

Nickname: Queen

DOB:  Grey OTTB mare, foaled 2000

Origin Story:  Queen was the first OTTB we rescued in spring 2010 from Camelot Auction kill pen in NJ.  Maryland bred, she raced until age 4 and had 4 babies. She’s a spicy mare, she still thinks it’s time to race every time she is saddled. One of her favorite activities is getting baths and letting the kids paint words of love and hope on her perfect white body. 

Meet:  Rajah

Nickname: Rajah

DOB:  Black/Brown OTTB gelding, foaled 1995

Origin Story:  Rajah came to us from a friend who needed to retire him when she moved on to a younger horse. Rajah has an amazing resume! He started as a racehorse, then became a show hunter/jumper. When his hocks became too stiff to jump he became a lesson horse, before we received him in 2011. Rajah is a teacher. From the 6 year old he is teaching to let go of the saddle horn, to the 17 year old he is teaching how to trust, Rajah is an amazing gift to all the kids. 

Meet:  Big Red

Nickname:  Red

DOB:  Chestnut OTTB gelding, foaled 1997

Origin Story:  Red came to us in 2017 as a placement from his owner who had rescued him from another rescue. She had planned to feed him up and use him as an event horse, however a change of jobs left her without enough time. He is perfectly sound and a sweet boy under saddle. We are looking forward to pairing him up with our kids. 

Meet:  Revenant

Nickname: Rev

DOB:  Black/Brown OTTB gelding, foaled 2013

Origin Story: Rev came to the ranch in January 2020 from a Kentucky racetrack.  He had won over $100,000 and was injured.  If he wasn't sold, his owner planned to continue to race him.  We rescued him from that fate.  He is goofy and loves people.  We plan to use him in our JV program when he is sound.


Meet:  Rosie

Nickname:  Bulldosie Rosie

DOB:  Flaxen Chestnut QH/Morgan mare, foaled 2003

Origin Story:  Rosie was rescued in 2013 but had an extended foster stay before came to the ranch spring 2015. We are so glad she made it to us! She quickly proved herself to be kid friendly, dead broke, and unflappable. We climbed over her, under her, and put her through a lot of testing before we turned her loose with the kids. She is a gem, and the sound of little voices calling out ” Rosie, Rosie!!” will be heard for many years to come.

Meet:  Sven

Nickname: Sven

DOB:  Bay WB gelding, foaled 1994 

Origin Story:  Sven is a highly trained dressage horse who came to us in March 2019.  When his owner was no longer able to ride, she sold him to a young girl who wanted to learn to barrel race.  Sven took one look at a barrel and thought, "What is that thing?"  She got a horse better suited for her, and Sven lived in a yard with goats. Her family asked if we could give him a life doing what he was trained for and we happily accepted.  He is the most gentle boy and perfect for kids who want to learn to ride.

Meet:  Titanium Ruler

Nickname:  T.R.

DOB:  Red Chestnut OTTB gelding, foaled 2004

Origin Story:  Although T.R. was destined for greatness with bloodlines tracing back to Bold Ruler, he never raced. He was diagnosed with a clubbed right front foot making him unfit to race. The Second Race organization reached out to us and in March of 2010 T.R. arrived to our green pastures. T.R. has relaxed into a friendly, curious, and slightly mischievous boy.

Meet:  Trigger

Nickname:  Triggs

DOB:  Buckskin QH mare, foaled 2008

Origin Story:  Trigger came to us October 1, 2009 from a PMU industry in Manitoba.  She is one of our more sensitive mares and partners well with more sensitive humans. Trigger's future is bright and we see an awesome trail horse in the making.


Roper 1988-2020

Roper came to the Laporte ranch in 2013.  We rescued him from his owner who was going to put him down.  We knew he would have a good life at the ranch and would be loved by the kids.  He lost his most of his sight and was befriended by Babe who became his seeing-eye horse.  He was a volunteer favorite and we will miss him.

  Noelle 2006-2020 

Noelle's owner had raised her as a filly and unfortunately was no longer able to keep her. In December 2019, she was sold to someone who put her in the Fort Collins auction.  We successfully bid against the kill buyer thanks to our generous donors who donated enough funds in just 4 hours to buy both Noelle and Birdie.  Noelle left this earth unexpectedly in September due to colitis.  She was loved by every volunteer and will be dearly missed.

  Jett - 2017-2020

 Jetty McJetterson. The sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most happy, friendly and inquisitive little 3 year old who did not deserve to die.
This is the face of rescue. His life was cut short because his breeder chose not to correct a simple limb deformity that could have been remedied as a foal. Instead they dumped him as a weanling at the killbuyer’s.
Too late to repair his fetlock, Jett came to us shortly thereafter when the woman who saved him discovered he would never be sound for riding.
At the ranch, Jett became a beloved friend to our volunteer, Hannah, who made every effort to try and get him fixed. Sadly, nothing could be done. We hoped he could enjoy life as a pasture ornament since it was a hind leg and thus less weight bearing. As Jett grew, it became increasingly clear that would not be the case. His deformity could not stand up to his growth.
He went through a growth spurt and was moving around less. Even at that, he remained happy, curious and kind. He was oblivious to this latest development.
We love you baby boy. Enjoy heaven with your perfect four legs. We heard and felt you run by on your way up to Jesus. 

  Babe - 1992-2021

Babe retired from the racetrack and became a steady trail horse for an elderly gal.  She was donated to us in October 2013 to continue her fun on the trails and interaction with others. Babe was quite the mare - she preferred alfalfa to grass, liked her morning grain ration warmed up, and preferred to be groomed in her favorite grooming spots.  The arthritis in her spine finally progressed to where she could no longer balance and she told us it was time for us to let her go.  We loved her sassy diva ways and the kids will miss her beautiful face.


Sterling - Adopted June 2020

DOB:  Roan QH gelding, foaled 2011

Origin Story:  Sterling is quite the dude. We rescued him from the feedlot in October 2014. He came to us lightly broke, but with consistency and patience has blossomed into a great trail horse.  Sterling was adopted by Lucia Ginten and is boarded at Charis.

Juliet - Adopted June 2020

DOB:  QH mare, foaled 2008

Origin Story:  Juliet was rescued off a feedlot in October 2014. In the feedlot pen, she was looking for a savior, and found our founder, Tracy. She walked over and placed her head on her shoulder as if saying, “save me”, and so we did. She is as sweet as can be! We think she has some pretty nice bloodlines and wow, is she athletic.  Juliet was adopted by Anna Moore.

DBD - Adopted June 2020

DOB:  Chestnut OTTB mare, foaled 2005

Origin Story:  This southern, Texas-bred gal came to us July 2010. Monny's trainer gave her to us with The Mon to rehab after she cracked her shin in her last start in June of 2010. While infamously prone to injuring herself, she has famously recovered every time; this girl has never taken a lame step. She’s won the hearts of many and continues to amaze us with her spunky personality and drive to perform.  DBD was adopted by Anna Moore.

Birdie - Adopted July 2020

DOB:  American Saddlebred mare, foaled 2016

Origin Story:  Birdie was found at auction in Fort Collins in December 2019.  We saved her from the kill buyer and brought her to the ranch.  We don't know her history but know that she had been sold several times in her short life.  She performs well under saddle and would be a great horse for an intermediate rider to adopt.  Birdie was adopted by Michelle Cromwell.

Chevy - Adopted October 2020

DOB:  Chestnut QH gelding, foaled 2008

Origin Story:  If Chevy was a dog, he'd be a Labrador.   He's an absolute sweetheart to people.  Chevy is a born and raised western boy.  He was trained to be a cutting horse but when the job became too physically demanding, his owner gave him up for a better horse.  Such is the destiny of many horses, but that is where we came in and redefined his identity to be unconditionally loved.  He reflects that to all the kids he comes in contact with.  Chevy was adopted by Addi Johnson.


Rumor - Adopted December 2020

DOB:  Chestnut QH mare, foaled 2007  

Origin Story:  Rumor found herself 9 months pregnant at the mercy of a kill buyer. A kind- hearted young woman stepped up and saved her. A few months later Rumor gave birth to Atlas (adopted October 2021). After a few months her new owner began looking for the perfect placement for this mom and baby duo. We don’t know much about Rumor's past, but as sweet, well broke, and gentle as she is we consider her a blessing to our ranch.  Rumor was adopted by Nicole Johnson. 

       Atlas - Adopted October 2021

DOB:  Chestnut QH, foaled 2017

Origin Story:  Atlas was saved when his mother, Rumor (adopted December 2020), was found pregnant at a kill pen.  A kind-hearted young woman stepped up and saved them both.  We gave both of them a home.  Atlas is growing into a fine horse and we are anxious to receive updates from his new owner, Meg.


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