Our Ranch

Charis Youth Ranch began its mission to rescue horses and serve kids 10 years ago at a beautiful 35 acre property in Laporte, Colorado.  In September 2018 we were donated property in Southeast Fort Collins.  At that time, we split the herd into the two locations.  In August 2020 we moved the Laporte horses to the Fort Collins location which is in closer proximity to the kids we serve.  While we are sad to leave our Laporte home, we are looking forward to this next chapter in our growth.  Thank you to Gary, our Laporte landlord, for being an amazing supporter of Charis Youth Ranch for the past 10 years.  We wish Gary many blessings for his generosity over the years.

The Fort Collins ranch is on a visible corner at Trilby and Timberline.  Because of its high visibility, it is a superb location to host events where we can introduce the public to Charis and our mission to help save horses who in turn help save kids. 

It is a lovely 15-acre property which includes 2 dry lots, 5 pastures, an outdoor and indoor arena, several paddocks, and 2 barns with 7 stalls.

There are 26 rescued horses on the property.  Most are ex-racehorses  that were either injured or their owners no longer wanted them.  They are wonderful for our kids' programs and deserve all of the attention paid to them.  We also stable our horses who are on special diets.  

Each of our horses has its special place on our ranch.  Please visit the Our Horses page to get to know our loyal friends!