Our Properties

Laporte, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado

Tucked away in a serene meadow, Charis Youth Ranch is nestled securely against a rocky cliff and provides pastoral views of silos and church spires peeking through leafy green trees. It truly is a sanctuary. Both kids and horses alike come here for respite and healing.

Our Laporte ranch is situated on 35 acres off of Highway 287 on Green Mile Road.  It has a large outdoor arena, several pastures, a large dry lot and a nice barn with lots of room for hay storage and a stall.

We currently have 17 horses on the property, from the oldest at 31 to the youngest at 2. Many were rescued directly from the slaughter pipeline and neglectful or abusive situations. Others are surrendered to us by caring owners seeking a safe retirement for their older steeds. We value each horse regardless of their age or soundness. All of our horses are respected for their unique gifts and talents. They each have a story to tell. 

On a visible corner at Trilby and Timberline in south Fort Collins is our newest property.  The property sat vacant for 5 years and was very overgrown when we moved horses there in September 2018.  Because of its high visibility, it is a superb location to host events where we can introduce the public to Charis and our mission to help save horses who in turn help save kids. 

It is a lovely 15-acre property which includes 3 pastures, an outdoor and indoor arena, a paddock, and 2 barns with 7 stalls.

There are 12 rescued horses on the property.  Most are ex-racehorses  that were either injured or their owners no longer wanted them.  They are wonderful for our kids' programs and deserve all of the attention paid to them.  We also stable our horses who are on special diets.  

Each of our horses has its special place on our ranch.