Our Ranch

Charis Youth Ranch began its mission to rescue horses and serve kids in 2009. In August 2010, we found our home on a beautiful 35 acre property in Laporte, Colorado.  Many dreams were born, youth served and horses rescued at our Laporte ranch. In September 2018, we were donated property in Southeast Fort Collins.  At that time, we split the herd between the two locations and began conducting most of our youth programs on the new property.  

Alas, all good things must come to an end and we were notified that our landlord was selling his Laporte ranch. We decided to consolidate the two herds back into one and in August 2020 we moved the Laporte horses to the Fort Collins location. While we are sad to leave our Laporte home, we are looking forward to this next chapter in our growth.  Thank you to Gary, our Laporte landlord, for being an amazing supporter of Charis Youth Ranch for the past 10 years.  We wish Gary many blessings for his generosity over the years. 

Situated on the corner of Timberline Road and Trilby Road, (1900 E Trilby Rd) the Fort Collins ranch is ideally located to serve our community’s youth. The convenience of the location affords the opportunity to also host events where we can introduce the public to this sanctuary for kids and horses.

21 rescued horses call Charis home, where we have 2 dry lots, 5 pastures, several paddocks, 2 barns with 7 stalls and two beautiful arenas, one indoor and one outdoor. About half of our herd are retired race horses who found themselves in the slaughter pipeline or seeking a soft landing after retiring from second careers. 

Whether embarking on a second or third career, our beloved ex-racers make wonderful kids’ horses. Some of our horses have come from backgrounds of abuse or neglect and we are ever amazed at their forgiving natures and desire to connect with us humans even after others have failed them.

Each of our horses has a story and unique personality.  They are special to us and we love sharing them with the youth of our community.  Please visit the Our Horses page to get to know our loyal friends!