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    Charis Youth Ranch home of New Life Thoroughbreds is a registered Colorado non profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and sanctuary retired racehorses by transitioning them from a life of racing into new careers or providing sanctuary for life. Additionally, we endeavor to connect youth from all walks of life with these rescued horses to learn unconditional love and trust, which facilitates healing for both equine and child.
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  • We Love Our Horses!

    Our ranch is situated on 30 beautiful acres and we currently house 17 horses. While we are primarily focused on Thoroughbred rescue, we do take in other breeds from time to time, and have a variety of horses that have found sanctuary with us. Visit our programs page to learn more about New Life Thoroughbred rescue.
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    We are passionate and dedicated to what we do. We need your support to continue reaching out to kids, and saving the lives of deserving horses. Every drop adds to the ocean and your donation seeds into each kid, each horse, and each volunteer that we have. Thank You for your support. Please visit our Support page for more information.
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Howdy! It has been a very busy month so far at Charis Youth Ranch. We have been industrious little bees planning for our summer programs, getting some new fencing put up, running hotwire, adjusting our feed on the coldest days, getting hay, and planning our next round of fundraisers.  

2016-01-22 20.11.13 

We are so thankful for our horses, and we look forward to all the kids that they will serve this summer. Right now we are focused on the practical day to day chores that keep 18 horses in the best shape over winter. Current needs are to purchase our February hay supply (grass and alfalfa small bales), refill our grain bin with senior grain, and get a plumbing issue resolved. We work hard to keep our horses well fed and taken care of, and you can help us meet their needs by participating in our Month of Love this February!!


20160122_152140February 14th~Valentines and Roses with Padah the Rescue Pony

Old Town Square
Fort Collins,CO 
Padah pony will be in the square with us as our rescue ambassador. You can purchase single stemmed roses from us for your sweetheart, and have your pictures taken with our sweetheart Padah. We are really looking forward to this family friendly event! We are currently looking for sponsors for this event and will feature them here on our website and on our facebook page as well as in our newsletter. If you or your business would like more information on sponsoring this event email us at charisyouthranch@gmail.org


2016-01-19 16.59.30February 28th~ Paint and Sip at StudioVino 

426 North Lincoln Avenue
Can you follow instructions? Do you like wine? Can you drink wine and follow instructions? If you answered yes (or no!!) to any of the above questions you are perfect, you should join us!! You do NOT need to be artistic, you just need to be ready to have FUN for a good cause. Admission is $35 per person and includes a $10 donation to Charis Youth Ranch, a complimentary glass of wine, and all supplies and instruction necessary to create this beautiful work of art. At the end of the night you will walk away with your very own colorful painting and the knowledge that you supported local horse rescue and a great program connecting local kids with rescued horses. Spaces are filling up 
Register now: http://www.studiovino.com/products/pretty-peacock-fundraiser



More Month of Love events to be announced soon!! 

Thank you for your support. Please take a look at our site, explore who we are and what we do. These horses make a difference, their lives matter.  With your help we are faithful to care for these animals because that is our responsibility as a rescue, and because we want to give the best to serve the kiddos that walk up our driveway. If you are reading this and feel moved to support us you can click on the support our cause tab above. We need financial partners to sow into what we do, believe me the harvest of love and healing that we see in kids and horses year after year is worth the sacrifice. We eagerly look forward to all this year will hold, we look back with grateful hearts at the years past, and we are enjoying this current moment of taking care of our four footed friends. Thank you for partnering with us!!

With gratitude,       


Lindsay Daley
Youth Program Director        
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We are still in need of a 4 wheeler or 4 wheel drive truck, we had a wonderful utility cart donated but could use something reliable in the snow to pull it with or a truck to throw hay from. We are a 501c3, and we can write a tax donation receipt for anyone willing to donate!! If you know of a 4 wheeler or older (running) 4 wheel drive truck please let us know!! Thank you!!20150112_141943   


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Thank you to each of our sponsors who have either donated time, money or materials to our cause.  We truly appreciate each and every one of you!



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