• What We're All About

    Charis Youth Ranch home of New Life Thoroughbreds is a registered Colorado non profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and sanctuary retired racehorses by transitioning them from a life of racing into new careers or providing sanctuary for life. Additionally, we endeavor to connect youth from all walks of life with these rescued horses to learn unconditional love and trust, which facilitates healing for both equine and child.
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  • We Love Our Horses!

    Our ranch is situated on 30 beautiful acres and we currently house 17 horses. While we are primarily focused on Thoroughbred rescue, we do take in other breeds from time to time, and have a variety of horses that have found sanctuary with us. Visit our programs page to learn more about New Life Thoroughbred rescue.
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  • Take a Tour of Our Place

    We are passionate and dedicated to what we do. We need your support to continue reaching out to kids, and saving the lives of deserving horses. Every drop adds to the ocean and your donation seeds into each kid, each horse, and each volunteer that we have. Thank You for your support. Please visit our Support page for more information.
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EAP petting TR

Charis Youth Ranch has summer youth programs in full swing!! Visit our blog for updates on our day to day doings. We are privileged to have 27 kids enrolled in our various programs and sessions each week! Our entire staff is 100% volunteer, but they show up day after day ready to serve the kids and/or horses because it is their passion!! We are thankful for each kiddo and each horse we are entrusted with and each volunteer who gives of their time to serve. Visit our Programs page to learn more about our youth programs.


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Would you consider donating a scholarship? Scholarships allow us to continue offering free sessions to kids and families in need without any financial barriers getting in the way. Donations can be made through our paypal, Gofundme, or through sending us a check in the mail. We are so thankful for each and every child we get to serve because of your generous support.

  • Triumph Youth Program: $75 provides one session for one at-risk youth to take part in our program.
  • Equine Adventure Program:Summer Group Session: $300 provides one child with a full scholarship for 10 sessions over 5 weeks as part of a group of similar aged peers. 
  • Equine Adventure Program: Summer Group Session: $150 provides a partial scholarship for one child.equine adventure 


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Thank you to each of our sponsors who have either donated time, money or materials to our cause.  We truly appreciate each and every one of you!


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