PicsArt_12-01-06.00.50Off of Overland drive in Fort Collins, Colorado down a wooded dirt road, you will find a hidden gem in the Northern Colorado farm and ranch community. Cache La Poudre feeds has been an unconventional, family owned feed manufacturer since 1982. Charis Youth Ranch has been purchasing Cache La Poudre’s Profile® Feeds Equine Senior for many years now with excellent results, so we decided to go in depth and share what we love so much about this local treasure.

Walking into their store is like walking into the home of a dear friend. Enter through the quaint porch into the cozy warmth of the main office and you will be greeted by Sherri’s friendly “hello”. Sherri has been working in the family business since 1999. She is the voice you most often hear on the phone. Friendly, kind, unfailingly real, Sherri makes you want to come back soon just to chat. She takes great pride in the high quality and consistency of feed that they provide their customers. Often if you come by on a frosty morning you will find her dad, Ron Treiber, sitting comfortable with a hot cup of coffee browsing the paper. Ron is the owner, he and his late wife Kaaren started the family business as a retail feed store, then moved into manufacturing in 1984. Naturally the business expanded to include wholesale as well as retail customers. Kaaren passed in 1998 and Ron has since remairried to his current wife Kathy, and they live onsite. Their primary service focus is on local and regional customers, and we can testify to the deep caring and personal interest that they take in you and your livestock. “We have always strived to be personable, we know our customers, our customers know us. Being able to tailor our products to fit customers needs is one thing that sets us apart from other feed stores.” says Ron. Sherri elaborates that they are able to tailor specific feed formulas to their customers individual needs when customers buy in bulk. Her favorite thing is working with people that are nice, the relationships that are built and the connections that are made. Knowing the benefit that their feed is providing for animals and hearing about the positive results gives her the greatest satisfaction in her work. Also we learned, she loves driving the forklift! One other employee, Kurt Brewster, has been working with them since 1999. Kurt hails from a well known ranching family out of Bellview, and uses his talents as a feedmixer.

         20171009_172225Cache La Poudre manufactors all types of  general purpose feeds including formulas for equine, cattle, sheep, and swine. Their Profile® line of feeds have been producing amazing results for their customers for the last 20 years. They have the trademark and are the exclusive producers. Since its formation in 1997, Profile® Feeds Equine has been consistently favored by customers and is still one of their best selling lines 20 years later! Our horses are crazy about their Profile® Feeds Equine Senior. We notice a big difference in body condition, energy, coat health, hoof health, and overall appearance when we keep them on their senior. The rich smell that rises when you open the grain bin is inviting, and we take great satisfaction in feeding a high quality, nutritious and tasty feed to our herd!! Also a little trivia note, their trademarked Profile name comes from the “profile” a judge is looking for when he awards blue ribbons! With such quality, its no wonder they have loyal customers. One family has been purchasing their feeds for 5 generations.

      We have a soft spot in our hearts for Sherri, Ron, Kurt, and consider them part of our Charis Youth Ranch family. We are so thankful for our supporters, we hope it is comforting to know that your donations are making their way back into our local community through our partnership with wonderful places like Cache La Poudre Feeds. If you have never tried their feeds we obviously recommend them highly. You can visit their website to learn more or simply drive on over to the store at 1724 North Overland Trail, Fort Collins, CO. They are open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm and Saturdays 9am-12pm. Thank you for reading, and a very special thank you comes from Randy, Rajah, Babe, and Roper who are seniors living the good life on such good feed.


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