Our Programs

At Charis Youth Ranch, all the programs we offer have a simple purpose - to connect kids and young adults from all walks of life with our horses. While the connection is simple, it causes dynamic change and personal growth in each individual. Our horses are our greatest tool in working with kids. For the kids, our horses are shoulders to cry on, trust builders, wise teachers, mirrors, and inspiring. Often, a horse has a way of breaking down barriers and bringing out the individual where traditional therapy and counseling has failed. Each of our horses is unique and has a story, just like the kids we serve. Our rescued and rehabilitated horses connect with at-risk kids and families in individual and group equine interactive sessions. We love that in sharing each horse‚Äôs rescue journey, the children identify with their stories. As they compare their own passages through trials, trauma, abuse or neglect, a kinship is born. As horse and child mirror one another in brokenness, healing begins.

Equine adventure

The heart of our Equine Adventure Program is to provide a space for kids to just be a kid! Our open spaces at our ranch provide a place for kids and horses alike to romp, run, buck, and play in a way that only they know best. Our Equine Adventure Program is geared towards kiddos from ages 5 through 12. 

Each session includes a hands-on horse interaction, a craft, a themed game, and lots of fun on our ranch!

This program we offer to the community is FREE. However, donations are always appreciated. The program costs about $400 per kid but any amount helps us continue to care for our horses and offer youth programs. We have limited spots so sign up early before we are full!

June 2021 Schedule

Will be posted in the spring with a registration link.

We have an exciting program for our 13-17 year old friends who want to learn everything there is to know about horses. The goal of our JV program is train up young men and women in horsemanship, leadership, and a heart of service using equine therapy and stewardship. For interest in our Junior Volunteer Program please contact us.

Triumph Youth Program: This is a group program aimed at 13-18 year olds. We work with other non-profit groups, rehabilitation centers, church groups, and individual families. Group sizes range based on the groups needs. We tailor our sessions to the group while addressing each member as an individual. Our focus is safety, service learning, teaching horsemanship skills, and providing an open, grace-filled environment. The lessons allow the kids to interact with the horses while promoting character building and strengthening relationship skills. Kids in this program absolutely love it! If you are interested in learning more about this program please contact us.

We offer opportunities for youth and adults to complete community service hours on the ranch. For safety reasons we will not schedule community service hours during our youth programs, but we will make every attempt to accommodate your schedule. Please contact us.