You know that horse that is the “schoolmaster”? The one that patiently trotted you around while you posted the crap out of his back on the wrong diagonal. The one that was pretty much on autopilot while you just tried to keep up, he counted his own strides, he followed the pattern when you forgot, he carefully adjusted his speed to your ability. God gives us the schoolmaster to teach us. Rajah is our schoolmaster at the ranch. He is an OTTB in his 20s. He has so much to teach, and Sunday as I climbed up (none to gracefully, it’s been a long winter) into the saddle and let my muscles remember how to hold me he assumed that familiar patient expression. In a rope halter and with a leadrope as my single rein he did not bat an eye, he listened, shifted speed and took great care with me. I am so grateful for the schoolmaster. I hope you think of your greatest equine teacher today and give thanks with me for all the lessons learned, and all that are yet to be.

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