More and more I am humbled that God lets us be a part of His plan for this ranch. Today we met with a mom and 2 kids. She wants her son to have horse sessions to assist in his learning delays. While I spoke with the mom and her caseworker, Annie went off with the hopping, skipping 8yo and quiet, yet intrigued 11yo to meet the horses. In talking, mom shared that their father left them 4 yrs ago with no word, and they haven’t seen nor heard from him since. They have suffered tremendous grief over it. Then a year later, their Grandmother, whom they were very close to, passed. This family has experienced so much loss in a short time. My heart broke for this hardworking mom, who clearly loves her kids so much. As they were leaving, the caseworker told us that mom said this is the first time in months that her daughter has left her side and that her son has smiled and laughed.

You are right Robert Palmer, I might as well face it, I am addicted to love. 

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