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That was one word written on the side of a horse. Worthless, unloved, broken, afraid, fat, and stupid were a few others. Our horses became living canvas today on the ranch. We painted them with the labels our rescued horses came to us with, and the teens we work with from a residential treatment facility added words that they have been labeled with. It broke my heart as one painstakingly wrote with their fingers in paint: lost. Wow, what a stark word, what a visual. The thing about labels, and canvas, and lives, is that they can be changed. So we washed the horses, we scrubbed the labels off of their sides and necks. Then we wrote the truth. We canceled out the lies by writing the truth: Loved, beautiful, peaceful, healed, hope, found. Grace is this thing that we don’t fully understand, but once you experience it, you are changed. The thing about grace is that it’s free, and its for everyone. There is no one so lost that God’s grace can not find them, today, on the ranch, I think we were found.

the truth 2

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