We had an amazing Fall/Winter season. We are so blessed by our volunteers and our supporters. Some of the highlights:

-Our beloved Gaspode was healed!! He did not have to get surgery. We did take him to CSU, and he received conservative treatment. With time, rest, and prayer, his soreness receded.  We still keep a close eye on him, but he has gained all his weight back and a ton of muscle and is back in with the large herd in our dry lot. This was a slow and steady improvement, but it is dramatic nonetheless. We are currently using him in our junior volunteer class and he is doing 6 weeks of groundwork with a little girl who picked him over every other horse 🙂 That is a happy ending in our eyes, thank you God! Thank you everyone who prayed and contributed financially. He racked up quite a vet bill for the treatment and evaluation at CSU and your generosity enabled us to pay our bill and keep his feet in good shape while his body did the rest 🙂

-Our herd grew and shrank! We rescued 5 new herd members and two of our herd members went on a trip to the great state of Texas! Ruby and Posa joined SIRE as new recruits for their therapeutic riding program. Both Posa and Ruby are on loan only, and will be returning when their talents are no longer required. Until then we wish them well and look forward to updates and pictures. Our 5 new horses (gray roan gelding-Sterling, raindrop gray yearling-Rain, Grulla Welsh pony-Padah, sorrel filly-Liberty, and Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare-Sandra ) are in the process of being evaluated. If you have questions about adoption Tracy can answer them, you can email her at newlifehorses@gmail.com !

-We took our first trail ride of the season and were so blessed to enjoy our volunteers and the sunshine 🙂

-We began planning for our 2015 Summer programs. We are looking forward to many hours of fun with kids and horses this summer. we anticipate serving over 200 kids.  Check back often for more updates

-Hay!! Our barn is full of the glorious sweet smell of fresh clean grass hay. Thank you to everyone who donated towards our hay needs this year and last year !!! We are always on the lookout for hay or feed donations so if you have a field of hay you would love to donate, or some senior grain or beet pulp, we are always in need of feed !! contact us at charisyouthranch@gmail.com.


Spring is a busy time and we will have many more updates coming. We are so thankful for you who partner with us here at Charis Youth Ranch!!






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