Update 6/30 9:30 pm : We called the vet out tonight, Gaspodes entire right hock was swollen twice its normal size. The vets verdict is he needs CSU tomorrow. We hit him with a ton more drugs and are working to keep him comfortable and still through the night. We need help with his vet bills for tomorrow!!

6/30 9:30 am  : Gaspode. Our goofy guy, our sweet dependable friend, has injured his stifle pretty bad. The injury happened in the bad storm last Tuesday night (6/24). As best we can figure, he must have fallen. We noticed it during our morning feeding on Wednesday 6/25 and immediately brought him up and put him on 24 hour stall rest. We had the vet out on 6/27 and the prognosis is not great. He has been on steroids, prevacox, and bute all weekend but today he is about the same. Our vet ballparked the surgery at about $1500 which is not that much but a whole lot for a horse rescue/youth ranch. Would you consider donating towards Gaspodes vet costs? You can designate your donation “Gaspode”. Lets get our boy back up to running pain free with his herd and loving on the kids at the ranch


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